NCA Led Construction Industry Policy on Course

  Kenya’s construction industry is set to have an overarching government policy that will inform, guide and serve as its blueprint in the achievement of the sectors objectives and realization of Vision 2030. National Construction Authority is spearheading this process whose approach will be consultative and collaborative with various industry stakeholders in order to offer […]

Why Buildings Collapse: Dr. Manduku Speaks

NCA Executive Director Dr. Daniel Manduku was featured in a news item highlighting collapsing structures within the country. The feature, titled ‘Towers of Impunity’ aired on NTV on Sunday, 17th December. Stakeholders in the industry have argued some of the issues stem from the number of multiple players involved, such as the registration bodies of […]

NCA Announces Free Accreditation for Construction Workers

NCA has begun a month long country-wide free accreditation drive, scheduled to take place in the month of November. From the 1st to 30th November, qualified construction workers will get a chance to apply for instant accreditation at no cost. This comes after various stakeholder consultations where construction workers expressed the need for financial support towards getting […]