NCA Led Construction Industry Policy on Course


Kenya’s construction industry is set to have an overarching government policy that will inform, guide and serve as its blueprint in the achievement of the sectors objectives and realization of Vision 2030.

National Construction Authority is spearheading this process whose approach will be consultative and collaborative with various industry stakeholders in order to offer comprehensive and exhaustive solutions to the industry’s multi-faceted, multi-dimensional problems.

The agenda for the policy was set after the Annual Construction Research Conference and Exhibition in 2016. The conference, now biennial, was renamed the International Construction Research Conference and Research Exhibition (ICORCE). The formulation of the policy was instigated by the different challenges facing the industry such as; construction works with compromised quality and safety, inadequate funding for expansion, lack of access to plant equipment and machinery, insufficient dissemination of skills to build capacity among the sectors players, procurement bottlenecks, fierce competition from international service providers and corruption, among others.

This industry policy aims to address thematic areas that will include; business development, quality assurance, materials and technology, sustainability, capacity building, research, ethics and the legal framework.

It will be a thoroughly researched policy that hopes to; create an enabling construction environment, encourage public-private involvement in infrastructure development, provide clear guidelines towards rehabilitation of existing infrastructure, streamlining the regulatory and administrative regimes to minimize document processing time, just to name a few. It envisages a competitive and resilient industry that can withstand harsh economic times.

NCA is currently at the data collection stage of the process, however the Authority hopes to have the first draft ready by the end of the year. Of note is that all the research papers presented at ICORCE will be analyzed and play a part in informing this policy to further encourage inclusivity and participation.

These efforts are in line with the Authority’s core functions which are to promote and stimulate the development, improvement and expansion of the industry, develop and publish a code of conduct for the construction industry and provide consultancy and advisory services with respect to the construction industry.